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100 mcg Asthalin Fast-acting bronchodilators, or “relievers,” are a class of medications that include inhalers. Coughing, wheezing, and shortness are symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

asthalin 100 mcg inhaler price in indiaAsthalin 100mcg inhaler is used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, which are characterised by breathing difficulties, coughing, and whistling sounds while breathing. Salbutamol is the active component of Asthalin 100mcg inhaler. COPD is a condition in which your lungs are damaged, making it harder for air to pass through. It is an anti-asthmatic medication that belongs to the class of medications known as fast-acting bronchodilators or relievers. Even if you feel better, you should not raise the dose or discontinue the treatment on your own because it may impair the effectiveness or cause negative effects. If you’re taking any other medications, tell your doctor. After 15 minutes of using this inhaler, rinse your mouth, to maintain oral hygiene.

Uses of Asthalin 100 MCG

Asthalin 100mcg inhaler is used to treat and relieve airway spasms and constriction in respiratory illnesses like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which are characterised by difficulties breathing, coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness.

Contraindications of Asthalin 100 MCG

  • If you have an allergy to salbutamol or any of the other substances in the Asthalin 100 mcg inhaler,
  • you should not use it If you are pregnant or in the early stages of labour.

Side effects of Asthalin 100 MCG

  • Headache
  • I’m a little jittery.
  • Heart rate has increased.
  • Breathing problems
  • Face, lips, and eyelids swell
  • Rashes

Precautions and Warnings of Asthalin 100 MCG

Q: Can I use Asthalin 100mcg inhaler during pregnancy?

A: Unless your doctor has prescribed it, you should not use Asthalin 100mcg inhaler during pregnancy.

Q:Can I use Asthalin 100mcg inhaler while breastfeeding?

A: If you’re breastfeeding, you should avoid using the Asthalin 100mcg inhaler. Only use this medication if your doctor has prescribed it.

Q:Can I drive if I have used an Asthalin 100mcg inhaler?

A: The inhaler Asthalin 100mcg has no effect on your ability to drive. You may drive if you are at ease.

Q:Can I consume alcohol with an Asthalin 100mcg inhaler?

A: This drug is not known to interact with alcohol. However, if you drink too much alcohol, talk to your doctor about it.

Talk to your doctor if

  • You have diabetes, thyroid illness, high blood pressure, or heart disease as a pre-existing medical condition.
  • In your lungs or airways, you have a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection.
  • Potassium levels in your blood are abnormally low.
  • You will need to use this inhaler more frequently than your doctor recommends.
  • After using this inhaler, you find that your symptoms are getting worse.
  • Any additional meds or supplements you’re taking?

Asthalin 100 MCG’s Mechanism of Action

What Is the Process?

A quick-acting anti-asthmatic drug is contained in the Asthalin 100mcg inhaler. In individuals with asthma and other breathing problems, salbutamol opens the airways and makes breathing easier. As a result, wheezing and shortness of breath symptoms are alleviated.

Asthalin 100 MCG Use Instructions

Learn how to use this inhaler

  • properly from your doctor, and if feasible, do so in front of them the first time so they can inspect it.
  • The medicine is contained in the inhaler, and you must inhale it deeply into your lungs through your mouth.
  • After each puff, a counter subtracts one, allowing you to keep track of your remaining dose. When the counter on your inhaler reaches 000, it’s time to throw it away and get a new one.

Interactions of Asthalin 100 MCG

Interactions with other medicines

  • Concurrent use of Asthalin 100mcg inhaler and some blood pressure-lowering medications (propranolol, atenolol, water pills) should be done with caution.
  • Medicines for mental illnesses should be given with caution.
  • If you’re using any other asthma medications or xanthine medicines (theophylline, aminophylline), your blood potassium levels may be affected.
  • Some drugs may interfere with the effectiveness of Asthalin inhaler, or Asthalin inhaler may diminish the effectiveness of other medicines taken at the same time.
  • To avoid any potential interactions, tell your doctor about all of the drugs, vitamins, and herbals you are presently taking or plan to take.
  • Especially if you’re on blood thinners, anti-infectives, anti-diabetics, anti-asthmatics, pain relievers, immunomodulatory drugs, or medicines for brain-related illnesses.

Storage and disposal of Asthalin 100 MCG

  • Store in a cool, dry location.
  • Keep it out of children’s and pets’ reach.

Dosage of Asthalin 100 MCG


If you take too much of this medicine, call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital right away because you could have serious problems.

Missed a Dose

If you forget to take a dose of this medication, take it as soon as possible. If the next dose is already due, skip the missing dose and resume your regular dosing plan.



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